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Snøhetta + Local Studio 新作“木制拱门”,以纪念诺贝尔和平奖获得者

‘大主教的拱门’ 是一个相互交织的木拱廊,以纪念诺贝尔和平奖得主德斯蒙德•图图(Desmond Tutu)大主教。该拱廊在南非开普敦市中心的国会中心附近首次出现,图图在那里举行了多次反对种族隔离的抗议运动。

此设计由 Snøhetta 和南非第一大城市约翰内斯堡 (Johannesburg) 的地方设计工作室,与 Design IndabaHatch 工程公司共同合作。这个拱廊的拱由14根落叶松木材编制的木索组成, 代表南非宪法的14个章节。这座构筑物高达近30英尺 (9米),此设计邀请参观者从开放的结构里自由通过,并在前往公司花园 (Company's Garden)的路上提醒着他们,这个位置在他们国家的历史中扮演着重要的角色。自1652年成立以来,该公园是这座城市最受欢迎的公共场所之一。

© David Southwood© David SouthwoodPictured at far right: Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the 2017 Design Indaba Conference, where the design was first unveiled. Image Courtesy of Design IndabaThe Arch is formed of 14 strands of Siberian Larch wood, a highly durable and resistant material that will weather gracefully over time, taking on the elements of its surroundings. The warmth of wood was intentionally selected to lend the Arch an intimate, tactile quality, that invites people to interact with the structure in a way that differs from the conventional materials people might expect for a memorial structure, such as concrete, steel, or stone. Image © David Southwood+ 13