“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio

“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio

“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图, 梁“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 更多图片+ 11

  • 主创建筑师: Boonserm Premthada
  • 项目团队: Boonserm Premthada, Nathan Mehl
  • 工程设计: Preecha Suvaparpkul
  • 业主: Surin Provincial Administration Organisation
  • 工程顾问: Evotech Co, Ltd
  • 项目顾问: Surin Provincial Administration Organisation
  • Country: 泰国
“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图
Wooden slats placed at regular spacings clad the bottom of the roof, highlighting the roof openings and help ventilating the space . (Images taken during construction). Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图
But once inside the generous height of the roof and the expanse of the cultural courtyard reveals itself. Image © Spaceshift Studio
“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 15 的图像 16
Plan - Six mounds make up the landscape beneath the roof on 3 sides, leaving the fourth side open for users the size of elephants
“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图
The 70x100m. sloping roof spans a large ground where cultural events and religious ceremonies from birth to death of humans and elephants could take place. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图, 柱, 梁
The mound rises, and the roof slopes down to meet one another. There are no solid walls, allowing for continuous ventilation. Architectural and landscape elements combined to give the feeling of being inside and outside at the same time. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图
Strengthening the mounds are basalt rocks sourced 40 minutes from the site. When basalt is mined to the groundwater level, the water wells up. Consequently, the construction creates another water reservoir in the neighbouring district. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图
The roof openings of many sizes manipulate the wind direction . Wind is harnessed to ventilate the building and reduce the heat absorbed by the roof tiles. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图
A traditional Kui house features both the space for humans, and the space for elephants. This cultural courtyard embodies the same concept of the two species living under the same roof. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图
Overlooking the new water reservoir-the construction process helps restore water to the barren land and revive the forest for both humans and elephants. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图, 梁
Rows of concrete benches scatter on the mounds, forming seating for 800 visitors-or for the local villagers to rest under the shade during the day. Image © Spaceshift Studio
“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 16 的图像 16
Diagram - Building a 'new nature' -A) Building the mounds means digging a new rainwater collection pond; B) A seedling in a plant box will grow through the roof opening, providing shades and food; C) Mining basalt for the building helps create another groundwater source nearby
“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 室内图
The 1.5-metre thick roof is open in the centre and punctured at various points to ventilate the space. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图
From the outside, the building appears plain. The roof is Low-Lying, in harmony with the surrounding village. Image © Spaceshift Studio


“大象世界”艺术文化庭院 / Bangkok Project Studio - 建筑图, 鸟瞰图
Elephant World locates on the barren site that used to be a reserved forest, then destroyed in recent decades. Instead of clearing more trees to make way for buildings, the project situates on the abandoned land. It aims to rejuvenate the forest, reviving the nature for a sustainable future of both humans and elephants. Image © Spaceshift Studio




地址:Surin, 泰国

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