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AD 经典: 世界哥伦比亚博览会/ Daniel Burnham & Frederick Law Olmsted

1851年在英国举行的第一届世界博览会——水晶宫展会上,美国很好地展示了自己。英国报纸毫无保留地赞美,宣称美国的展示发明比任何发明都更加巧妙和有用:利物浦时报说“不再被嘲笑,更不用鄙视了。”与各种欧洲政府不同,美国国会在随后的展览中花费大量时间在他们的国家展览上,对提供资金犹豫不决,迫使参展商依赖个人支持。在国家血腥的内战期间,国会对国际展览的兴趣下降;然而,战后,这个国家可以迅速恢复,可以在1876年举办费城百年纪念展。庆祝美国的爱国主义和技术进步,百年纪念展取得了巨大的成功,为另一场伟大的美国展览会奠定了基础: 1893年世界哥伦比亚博览会。[1]

Courtesy of Wikimedia user RillkeBot (Public Domain) Although the building itself was handsome, the exhibits of the United States Government Building failed to entice many of the fair’s visitors. In the foreground stands the Ho-O-Den, a replica medieval Japanese palace. ImageCourtesy of Wikimedia user RillkeBot (Public Domain) Courtesy of Wikimedia user scewing (Public Domain A map of the 1893 Exposition shows how much of the fair’s buildings were laid out on axis with the court of honor. ImageCourtesy of Wikimedia user scewing (Public Domain) + 16